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Do you watch Dragonball Z? Do you like Dragonball Z? Are you interested in Chrono Trigger, the greatest RPG ever made? Do play Magic: The Gathering? If you answered no to these questions, you probably clicked on the wrong link. Go away.

You still here? Good.

What is it about Dragonball Z and the entire Dragonball trilogy that captivates all those watch it? I don't have a clue, but it's got me trapped. I started watching the show who knows how long ago and I've seen every Dragonball Z episode that has been shown in English so far(and some that haven't).

And what about Chrono Trigger, a game drawn by the same guy who did Dragonball Z? You love the game, otherwise you wouldn't be here. Is it the storyline? Is it the amazing plot twists the game throws at you? Is it the great character development? How about the great endings the game gives? Personally, I think it's all of these things and more.

What about Magic: The Gathering? The reason that's here is because I have not seen one Magic player who does not watch DBZ. (Except for Begong Ding) The pioneer game that mixed the greatest games with clasic trading cards is still alive today! All from the great people at Wizards of the Coast®.

February 28, 2003 - Happy birthday to me!  It's the one year anniversary of the site.  Finally.  It's come a long way, but you people still aren't comming.  I'll see what I can do to improve that.  Many more improvements to come in the second year, and more of you to come to, I hope.
January 24, 2003 - Exams are over.  Yay.  As prommised, I have added the new downloads page to this site.  There's some cool stuff there for you if you want.  I have the complete Onslaught spoiler on the Magic home page.  Oooooo.  And I added a new page.  Deck Building for Idiots.  So, have fun!
January 1, 2003 - Merry Christmas (happy Chanuka, happy Kwanza, whatever) and a happy new year!  A great new start to everything (including DBZ episodes)!  Legions comes in early Febuary, be prepared for Phage!  At nine mana, she has the ability to kill a player just by dealing combat damage!  I have some cool new DBZ Magic cards on the way, so dont worry, I'll get around to that eventually.  Just downloaded the new CCG maker.  It's pretty nice.  You can use it to make cards too, if you want.  Soon, I plan on putting a download section on this site.  But now, I have to study for exams.  Bio's gonna be a killer.
October 8, 2002 - Onslaught has come out AND there are new episodes of DBZ on!  Goku finally went Super Saiyan 3 and Pit Fighter Legends are kicking butt around the globe.  It's like I died an went to heaven, even though it's nothing like it.  Because, now, the angels are trying to kill me (Magic, get it?  Oh, nevermind).  Any way, its been a while since an update, but nothing else has happened on the site, so, uh... yeah.  Well, nice talking to you, but I have to go.  Uh, enjoy the site.
September 11, 2002 - A moment of silence please for those who died a year ago today...
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September 1, 2002 - I've added an interesting feature that I saw on  It's on the Magic pop-up page.  Weekly I'm going to add one extra pop-up card.  I've started with everyone's favorite, "Black Lotus".  I did some other stuff since June 18, but I realy can't remember what.  Oh well.
June 18, 2002 - Poor Italy.  Beaten by Korea in the World Cup.  Oh well, I wanted Italy to win.  But the United States has been doing pretty well.  I've added a new "Levels of the Super-Saiyan" page.  It took a while, but it's done.  I see that a bunch of people have visited my site since I was added to the webrings!  I'm so proud.  *Sniff*  Have Fun!
May 28, 2002 - Huzzah!  Dragonball AND Drgonball Z have started over from the beginning on Cartoon Network.  This probably means that they have the new DBZ episodes translated.  Now all that they have to do is get there in the series.  I added all new Chrono Trigger lists for techs and charms (finally).  I also added a new column to my weapons and armor lists.  It was a hard job, but someone had to do it.
May 16, 2002 - Star Wars: Episode II came out today.  I'm going to see it tomorrow (I hope).  I just added this site to three web rings!  Boo-yah!  Well, as you can tell, I'm happy.  I just hopes this gets you people to come!  Geez!
March 29, 2002 - Well, maybe this'll get more of you to come.  I just added a META tag to my site.  For those of you that don't understand that, it'll get more of you to come.  I also filled in some of the blank spots on my weapon/armor chart.  Please tell some other people about this site.  Thanks!
March 11, 2002 - A moment of silence please.  This is the six month aniversary of the tragic events on September 11, 2001..............  Thank you. 
I see that I have visited my sit seven times so far, but that's it.  Where are you people?  Anyway, I jusp put up a weapon and armor list.  It's not complete yet, but it will be as soon as I get more info.
February 28, 2002 - Well, here it is, the premier of my site!  (and on my birthday, too!)  If you've got any info, just e-mail me.  This is where I'll post any new updates, also.  Enjoy!

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